In August 2019 there was a Seismic Shift for the Dynasty Wealth LLC (DW). We are racing to establish DW as a licensed investment manager as soon as possible.

This will enable DW to leverage its Bull & Bear Tracker (BBT) algorithm to generate immediate income from investment management fees.

From April 2018, through August 2019, BBT produced an average return of above 3% per month. See article “Bull & Bear Tracker gains 11% in August vs a Losing S&P 500”. September’s gain was 6% and October’s gain through the 16th of this month was 5%. ­­­­­­

Below is the projected cash distributions and valuations per a $10,000 (approximate 0.1 %) stake in the DW partnership. The valuations in the table are based on a projected cash flow multiple of 20 for 2020 and 12 through 2023.  FYI, since DW is a LLC it is required to distribute 99% of its income to its partners at the end of each tax year.

A $10,000 stake could potentially be valued for $2.5 million by end of 2023 because the Bull & Bear Tracker has the capacity to trade $10 billion.++


Money management is arguably the best business in the world for these reasons:

  • Great cash flow. Money managers receive an asset management service fee of up to 2% per annum payable monthly. A performance fee of 20% on profits can also be charged. The fees are automatically wired directly from the client’s brokerage account to the manager on the first day of each month.
  • Highly scalable. The fixed staff overhead to manage $1 billion is the same for managing $10 million.
  • Huge market. There is $80 Trillion of assets in the US which are managed.
  • Easy to compete. Since the annual returns in the market average 8% over time clients will switch to a manager who can provide higher returns.

A question being asked by some of the partners is how will Dynasty Wealth attract clients?

  • Wall Street contacts. My brothers and I have a combined 100 years of experience and individual and institutional investor contacts. Notable firms that we have worked for include Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer and Lehman Brothers. We have existing relationships with the principals of RIA firms which have an aggregate of more than $10 billion of assets under management (AUM).
  • Trust company relationship. The Entrust group, a trust company will be introducing its 22,000 clients who have $3.5 billion on deposit with them to Dynasty Wealth.

The potential assets under management (AUM) backlog has been growing since the BBT began to publish its signals in 2018. Fee income will commence from the two sources below upon DW becoming licensed:

  • 250 existing subscribers to the BBT signals. All of them will have to become clients to continue to invest in the signals. Upon the DW RIA becoming operational the signal alerts will no longer be sent.
  • Safe Management LLC, a registered investment advisor, who has been utilizing the BBT’s signals for more than 1,000 of their clients will be sharing the investment management fees that they are now receiving monthly with DW.

Finally, we estimate that between $10 million and $50 million is now trading the Bull & Bear Tracker.