Jinglz, which entered into Dynasty Wealth’s (DW) startups portfolio in 2016, has launched CAMPAIGN TESTER™, the first ever app to read human emotions.  CAMPAIGN TESTER™, which is supported by the company’s patent pending technology, is now available in the Apple and Android app stores.

The users of the app financially benefit from viewing videos which automatically relay their emotions back to the advertiser or the producer of video.  The app, unlike a focus group, provides instantaneous audience feedback and at a fraction of the cost of traditional market researchers.

CAMPAIGN TESTER™ will soon become the preferred tool utilized by politicians, advertisers and TV and movie producers, etc., to pre-test audience reactions before their significant advertising budgets are deployed.

CAMPAIGN TESTER™ will be an exhibitor at the Campaign Tech Innovation Summit to be held in Washington D.C., on November 20, 2019.

Dynasty Wealth is predicting that Jinglz will be profitable in 2020.  Based on the discounted cash flow valuations the company’s share price is projected to go from $1.50 to between $60.49 and $156.34 by 2024.

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