Dynasty Wealth Partner Update 

November 19, 2019

Peter Anthony Wynn, a popular author and keynote speaker with a focus on digital marketing in the must watch video below told the Jinglz CEO:

“This company is going to absolutely explode” … “Your shareholders are the luckiest people on the planet”


Jinglz is now in discussions with Wynn to join its Board of Advisors.  The board’s most recent addition was Mark Coleman, Google’s former head of sales.  Click below to the excerpt from Coleman’s LinkedIn page to understand why he has all of the contacts that Jinglz will ever need.

Jinglz is Dynasty Wealth’s showcase digital technology startup.  Obviously, Jinglz’s CAMPAIGN TESTER app will become extremely visible during the 2020 election year.  Thus, Jinglz and its shareholders will be Dynasty Wealth’s showcase startup for the secondary market that it has developed to provide liquidity for the shareholders of privately held startups. 

FYI.  All of Jinglz’ advisors are incentivized with shares, warrants or options.